हरिभाऊ राठोड़ ने बताया ६० करोड़ लोगो को आरक्षण देने का फार्मूला PTI न्यूज

मा. हरिभाऊ राठोड़,पूर्व, सांसद  ने बताया ६० करोड़ लोगो को आरक्षण देने का फार्मूला PTI न्यूज  से बातचीत करते हुए साक्षात्कार में बताया, जिसमे संविधान के बारे में चर्चा की कृपया जरुर पढ़िए

Objection in bill: Mathura June 23 (PTI) : Most backward classes and De-Notified and
Nomedic Tribe would be denied the privilege it enjoys in certain states, If the
constitution 123rd Amendment bill) is allowed a free passage ,in the same form in Rajya
Sabha also, a former M.P. apprehended.
“The proposed legislation of the constitution (123rd Amemndment bill), passed by Lok
Sabha and referred to Rajya Sabha, u/s 342/(A) empowers parliament , to include or
exclude, only backward class in the concurrent (central) list of constitution” ,Mr
Haribhau Rathod former M.P. and present MLC from Maharastra Govt said while talking
to PTI here, however, the bill does not empower to include/exclude the same in the
concurrent list of constitution of the states.
Explaining his reservation in detail, he said, in states like Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh,
Telengana, Karnataka, Hariyana, Jharkhand, west Bengal, Bihar and Tamilnadu some
caste like Ghumantu Samaj, More backward class etc. have not only been included in
other backward class, but they are getting separate reservation in jobs and promotions.
If the present bill is allowed to pass in the same form, other backward class would be
denied the privilege , at present it is enjoying , in their respective state, he feared.
“Expressing his apprehension, through a letter to chairman of select committee,
subordinate legislation”, he said , “There is no doubt ,the bill would empower the
parliament for the formation of new commission with constitutional powers, however, it
is not visible in the bill if it safeguards and guarantees equal opportunities in
constitutional status, constitutional security, right in education and jobs, for other
backward class (for whom bill has been incorporated).”
Rathod has suggested the committee to replace term ‘Other backward class’,
‘Educationally and socially backward class’, ‘Backward class of citizens’ etc with term‘
“Other backward class”, only to eliminate any confusion.
Regarding sub-categorisation of OBC reservation, he quoted Justice Eswarayya, former
chairperson of National Commission for backward class, who in his report to central
govt, on Feb 15,2015 had requested to take policy dicision on the issue.
However , he said, “ I am sorry to say that neither Govt nor public from these community,
nor even media has taken debate, even though the issue is related to neglected most
backward class and denotified Neomedic tribes .
Hari bhau Rathod has suggested that OBCs should be sub-categorised into groups :
[A,B,C,& D], since in upcoming days other communities such as Jat, Gurjar ,Patel,
Maratha etc would demand reservation.
He clarified that these communities may be accommodated in aforementioned four
groups and reservation may be provided accordingly.
Since data of casewise census completed in 2011 ,is available with the Govt, the
reservation categories and percentages may be fixed on the basis of population , he
“The select committee of Rajya Sabha”, he said has been informed ,”The National OBC
commission would get constitutional safeguard, however , OBC community will not get
the constitutional safeguard until article 46 and 335 are amended as per the
suggestion given above.”
When asked to justify prolonged reservation of OBCs, even though they are getting
share of 27 percent, he said, “ I apprehend Saharanpur type class war or Jat reservation
type agitation, if without home work reservation policy is changed.
He said though OBCs are being given reservation , virtually since long , however ,the
benefit has not reached to them, since hardly six percent have benefitted since no
sincere effort were made ,to take feed back.
“In absence of adequate education OBCs could not derive benefit”, he stated.
He said unless monitoring is done about beneficiaries and unless sincere efforts are
made to uplift OBCs educationally, at least for another ten years, their plight would not
change, even if the existing reservation policy continues.EOM


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